Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A. Unit Management

1. The RENTER is expected to maintain the cleanliness of the unit at all times.

2. The RENTER must seek the approval of the management before changing any fixtures in the unit.
(For renters staying for more that 30 days)

3. For safety purposes, electrical devices, which include but are not limited to lights, television, lamps, computers and other devices, should be turned off when not in use or when the RENTER is outside the unit.

4. LPG or liquid petroleum gas will not be allowed within the unit. The management will provide an electric stove for cooking.

B. Payment

1. 30% down payment will be required to reserve or hold a unit.

2. The full payment for the entire reservation or stay will be required upon move-in.

3. In case of early termination, the rent advances will be forfeited.

4. Cancellation of Reservations

  • 10 days from move-in date --- 50% of the down payment will be returned
  • 9 days or shorter notice --- down payment is forfeited

C. Visitors and Guests

1. The management of the facility will reserve the right to refuse the entry of any visitor if deemed necessary.

2. Drinking sessions in the common areas are prohibited.

3. Visitors or guests must follow the rules and regulations within the community.

I hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions stated above.

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